The benefits of Equine Body Work


Do you remember the last time you bumped your head on a cupboard or slammed your finger in the door? What was the first thing you instinctively did? I bet it felt like the most natural thing to “rub out” the pain? It has long been known that touch can reduce pain. Rubbing your bumped head or slammed finger causes the release of endorphins and activates the circulation and therefore reduces the pain. This – and much more - is pretty much what happens during a massage. Human athletes have long understood the benefits of massage. Our horses are athletes too and respond just as well as humans to massage and other body work. 


Equiflow Equine Body Work is a combination of holistic methods like various kinds of massage(stress point, connective tissue, classical) and stretching and benefits horses of all ages, breeds and disciplines.


Would you like to maintain overall muscular maintenance and improved circulation in your horse? Would you like to benefit from increased mobility and range of motion in enhanced performance and gaits? Would you like to decrease the risk of injuries and increase suppleness and endurance? Set up an appointment until 15th Mai for minus 20% or win a free body work session online. Just “like” the Equiflow Facebook page or directly on the website here below and go straight into the draw. The winner will be notified on Facebook as soon as we hit 100 Likes.


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