Equine Bodywork 


As horse owners we expect our horses to perform for us physically, whether it's for high level competition or a leisurely ride out on the trails. We have a responsibility to look after our horse's physical and mental well-being. Equine Bodywork is an excellent way to assist with equine soundness. 


The benefits of Equine Bodywork


 ★ Support the horse's well-being

 ★ Overall muscular maintenance

 ★ Stress release and mental balance

 ★ Promotion of endorphin release

 ★ Improved circulation

 ★ Prevention of injuries

 ★ Increased mobility and range of motion

 ★ Enhanced performance and gaits

 ★ Scar tissue release


Techniques of Bodywork


No technique is better than the other but different horses react to them in different ways. I normally choose whatever I find suits best to each individual horse. I am trained in the following modalities:


Equine Bodywork is complementary to regular veterinary care. The services I offer are non-diagnostic and should not be used as a substitute for a veterinarian under any circumstances. If veterinary care is required, I am more than happy to work together with your vet. I do NOT treat or diagnose - I DO provide optimal support for your horse.