Training and Lessons

I am certified in training Icelandic Horses in their special gaits and have 30 years of experience in riding Icelandics. I offer schooling, rider tuition, groundwork, young horse training and of course tolt and pace training. Even though my greatest interest is the challenge of training a horse in five gaits, I am always very curious about working with other horse breeds as well. Over the years I have gained a lot of experience working with mainly Icelandic horses in Austria, Iceland, Australia and New Zealand. 

This is my beautiful Icelandic mare Hvöt  in tolt

during training on the oval track back home in Austria.

I am a big fan of groundwork and lungeing which is a great way for gaited horses to learn to balance themselves without the rider. The horses are worked only with a cavesson and I never use any training aids like draw reins etc. I believe that you can't force horses into a certain frame and any constant pressure only produces counter pressure. I focus on how to shape the horse and correct imbalance.

My current horse Luccia  doing well at pole work which improves rhythm

and suppleness and the ability to engage the hindquarters.

In my lessons and training I pay special attention to rider and horse symmetry. Since I have had a lot of injuries and several ligament surgeries myself, I know about the struggle with compensation and asymmetry with regard to riding. I like to make use of foam rollers, fit balls and other equipment and often get riders to do some off-horse exercises as well as a warm up. My training as a Pilates teacher helps me identify and improve the rider's incorrect posture and movement patterns, and give students appropriate exercises to practise outside of the lesson.

Louise and Svala during preparational exercises for tolt

Another tool that I am a fan of is my set of Franklin balls, which stimulate the fascia and move the rider in a three dimensional way, creating a feeling of a deeper seat and help break away from movement patterns that have become established over the years. 

Sharon on Laxi using the Franklin balls under her armpits to work on her arm position